How To Generate Leads Into Sales?

The quickest way to make sales is to get your leads to buy after they opt in, using a specific simple way.

Generate Leads Into Sales?

Here are 3 little-known secrets on how to get more free leads for your business, and I truly believe that these secrets will lead you to your next break through as they are doing for me, so let’s not delay, and let’s get started.  Hope you guys are excited.

Secret #1:  Never let your content dead-end

When I first got started online and started making videos or posts and release it on social media or post and at the end of the video I would not know how to tell people what to do next .

However, with a simple call to action like “If you got value form this video, I believe you will love my 3 little-know secrets on how to get more FREE leads to your business.  Go to”

You can start getting 3-5 leads each and everyday using this simple formula.

Secret #2:  Release “Honey Pots” on social media

It’s one thing if your followers are growing, It’s another if your followers are actually engaging with you and becoming your leads.  When I was first introduced to “Honey Pots” from one of my mentors, you can generate 50 FREE leads in 24-hours.  Crazy right?

A “Honey Pot” in a social media post you do roughly once per week, mixed with your regular content, where you have people comment below to get something of value.

When someone comments, you ask them for their email to send them whatever you promised in your social media post.

Try this INSTEAD  of just sharing a direct link to the video, webinar registration page, blog post, ect.

Secret #3:  Re-purpose everything you do

Just watch/listen/read something you got value from? Re-purpose your notes into a video and turn it into a honey-pot.

Just get interviewed on a podcast? Consider turning it into a honey-pot.

Hosted a webinar? Turn it into a honey-pot.

Just had a powerful conversation with a mentor? Turn your top take aways into a honey-pot.

Just had a breakthrough? Show how it happened.

ALWAYS be thinking could I re-purpose to multiply my time.  You want to get the max benefit out of least amount of time.

You can generate hundreds of FREE leads just by simply re-purposing.

And although these 3 secrets are powerful and they will work for you and your business, no matter what industry, and I recommend you start doing this, and I urge you to recognize you actually don’t want leads.


And the only way to CUSTOMERS is to have a automated selling process to get those leads to pull out their credit-card and buy from you.

I call this automated selling process the “Invisible Infrastructure” and beneath you’ll se a link that will say “Register me for your FREE Webinar.”

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Warning: Not sure how much longer the webinar will be to attend.

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Talk soon,