How To Fight Cancer

Sickness and aging is due to oxidation.  Reduce oxidation and you’ll reduce sickness and aging faster than anything you can do.

How To Fight Cancer

There is 3 things that I wanted to talk to you about.  There is a procedure that a world renowned Dr. Shinya prescribes to every single one of his patients as part of their treatment in his facility.  You should see what happens to his patients.

1. Anti-Oxidant

2. Micro-Cluster

3. Alkaline


What is oxidation.  Take an avocado on a day like today, cut it in half, put it on the kitchen table, go to the store, come back and you’ll know what oxidation is.  If you don’t believe the avocado, the banana will tell you the same thing.  Lettuce turns brown.

Living tissue and oxidation equal sickness and aging.  Slow down oxidation and you’ll slow down sickness and aging faster than anything you can do.

The worst thing to oxidize that was found, that we ingest is soda.  It’s (+400) in oxidation potential.  It’s the fastest thing to oxidize. Take a old oxidized penny and put in a cup of soda for a day, see what happens.  If you want to get old fast drink a lot of soda, you’ll get there first.  You win.


We were led to believe that some of the sport drinks and tap water was good for us.

If you go to Vitamin C it goes to (-50) in Oxidation Reduction Potential.  Green tea is about (-80) , then you have all the berries.   The highest one that was found is cod liver oil, If you drink a pitcher or cod liver oil everyday, it’s very good for you.  You’ll probably slip and slide everywhere but it’s good for you.

Now take a look at Kangen Water, it goes from (-300), (-400), as high as (-700) and (-800) in Oxidation Reduction Potential. There is nothing higher than that.


When you drink the water it hydrates your brain in 30-60 seconds, and reach every part of your skin in approximately  10 minutes.  The water is micro-cluster and has the ability to penetrate you at a cellular level.


We were told that our body has a normal Temperature of 98.6 and if it goes up tomorrow, we have to do something about it.  What we weren’t told that our body also has a normal PH Balance of 7.365, it goes up as you get older, and it doesn’t warn you like a Temperature.

When a baby is born it’s Alkaline, people want to know why? Because moms amnionic fluid is Alkaline, and the baby is in there for 9 months.  When they come out, they’re Alkaline.  When a human being dies, they’re acidic.  That is a clue.

When ever they check Cancer patients, not 80%, not 90%, not 99%, 100% of all cancer patients are over loaded with acid.

Dr. Otto Warburg got a Nobel Prize for advancing human kind in medicine.  If you don’t know what a Nobel Prize is, It’s the highest award an individual could get on the planet.  He got one for medicine.  He found the root of cancer, guess what says all over his report, the way to help cancer is “Alkaline”.  No human disease can survive in a Alkaline state.  It’s like trying to plant an orchid in the North Pole, It ain’t gone happen.

Acid in your body always equal sickness.

World renowned Dr. Shinya is renowned for his invention.  You’re looking at a doctor that helped invent the procedure colonoscopy.  If you don’t know what it is, it will sneak up on you one of these days.  It’s a time release joke.  He invented the procedure where they cut the palet, instead of cutting you, they go inside of you, cut it and take it out.  It’s called the Shinya method.  As a matter affect he’s written several books that sold over a half a million copies.  This one has sold over 2 million “The Enzyme Factor”.  He can tell you form a picture, your diet, probably your age, the problem.  The biggest clue is he prescribes Kangen Water to every single one of his patients as a part of their treatment in part of his facility.  As a matter affect he says it on the back of his book.

You should see what it does for his patients.  These picture are graphic.  Take a look.

This is a 45 year old female with Breast Cancer and Chronic Constipation.


This is a 52 year old male with Prostate Cancer.


This is i think about 2 days of cleansing.

Kangen Colin

On the left side it’s dark and brown.  On the the right side pink and healthy.

Enagic is the company that produces LeveLuke.

What is Enagic

Enagic is a 40 year old company that does it’s own manufacturing.  They do about 450 million plus in Annual Revenue.  If you go to Enagic you’ll see all kinds of award, medical ones.  The one that catches the eye is the ISO,  they give the strictest manufacturing guidelines.  No other ionizer in the market place has those.  Enagic is the first one.

Now pay attention.  This is not a water filter.  This is a medial device.  The machine will produce water that will kill 99.9% of bacteria.  If you press a button on the machine, if you have a greasy kitchen top where you spray Windex, 409, Fantastic.  If you spray the water it will out clean the greasy faster, better than anything you have in the kitchen.  If you have a skin condition like eczema, it will help it.


The machine you’re reading about is manufactured, sold and licensed as a medical device by the Japanese association of preventative medicine.  It is the largest and the most prestigious group of Doctors 6,500 that ever endorsed  an ionizer.  It’s approved by the Japanese association oh health and welfare.

Look looking at the Mercedes Bens in the industry.  What it does, what it can do for you.  Nothing compares to this.  It will same you money, give you a healthier life than anything else out there, and change your finances.

Watch the short presentation how to better your life and finances.

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