How To Fight Sickness

Oxidation and living tissue equal sickness and aging, slow down oxidation and you’ll slow down sickness and aging faster than anything you can do.

How to fight sickness

There is a couple of thins that I want to cover and I want you to pay close attention.  Sickness and aging is due to oxidation in the body.  If you take an avocado on a day like today, cut it in half, put it on the kitchen table, go to the store, come back and you’ll know what oxidation is, if you don’t believe the avocado the banana will tell you the same thing.  Lettuce turns brown.

The fastest thing that was found that we ingest to oxidize is soda, it’s the worst for you.  Take a old penny, put it in a cup of soda for a day and see what it will do.  It’ll eat through it.  Soda has (+400) in Oxidation Reduction Potential.  If you want to get old fast drink a lot of soda, you’ll get there first.  You win.

Some of the sports drinks and tap water we were led to believe it was good for us.


If you go to Vitamin C it goes to (-50) approximately in anti-oxidant.  Green teas is about (-80) they say drink green tea.  Then you have all the berries, and the highest that was found is cod liver oil, if you drink a pitcher of cod liver oil a day, It’s very good for you, you’ll probably slip and slide everywhere but It’s good for you.

Now take a look at Kangen Water it goes from (-300), (-400) as high as (-700) and (-800) there is nothing higher than than that.  All it is, is water, great tasting water.

Let me tell you about the machine and water.

LevelLuk is the only machine that is licensed as a medial device.  The largest and the most prestigious group of Doctors in Asia 6,500, endorsed the only machine as a medial device for preventative medicine of disease.  It’s made, sold and used as a medical device.  Most of the hospitals in Japan own that machine.

If you press a button on the machine it will make water that will kill 99.9% of bacteria.  If you have a greasy kitchen top and you use 409, Fantastic, Windex and you spray the water it will out clean the oil faster, better than anything you have in the kitchen.

When you drink the water it will hydrate your brain in approximately 30-60 seconds.  It will reach every part of your skin in 10 minutes.  If you have bad acne you should see what it will do for your kids and friends in 30-60 days.

Dr. Shinya is world renowned for his invention.  World renowned doesn’t mean you should know his face, but he’s world renowned for the procedure he invented, colonoscopy.  It’s a procedure where instead of cutting you, they go inside of you, cut the palet, and take it out. It’s called the Shinya method.

He wrote several books that sold over a half a million copies, this one sold over 2 million “The Enzyme Factor”.  Here is the biggest clue, he prescribes Kangen Water to every single one of his patients as part of their treatment regimen in part of his facility.  He eve says it on the back of his book.  And you should see what it does to his patients.

Here is a couple of pictures.  They’re graphic, but take a look what it did.

Here is a 45 year old female witch Breast Cancer and Chronic Constipation before and after.


Here is a 53 year old male with Prostate Cancer before and after.


Here is a cleansing I think for about 3 days.

Kangen Colin

Before I get into what the water does.  Every single one of the pictures on the right side it’s black and brown, black and brown.  On the left side It’s pink and healthy, pink and healthy.

A disease in a Alkaline state will not survive .  It’s like trying to plant a orchid in the North Pole. It’s not going to happen.  Alkaline equals health.  Acid equals aging and sickness.

When a baby is born it’s Alkaline.  Wanted to know why.  Because moms amnionic fluid is Alkaline and the baby is in there for 9 months, and when they come out they come out they’re Alkaline.  When a human being dies, they’re acidic.  That is a clue.

When you press a button on the machine it will run the tap water, filter it, charge it, and split it and come out on the other end the most powerful anti oxidant on the planet, and discard the bad water on the bottom.

Stars like Oprah Winfrey, Anthony Robbins, Jennifer Lopez, top performance athletes, celebrities drink Knagen Water.  Imagine what the water will do for your health, being, aging.  You see how Tonny Robbins is running all over the stage crazy for hours.  How Oprah lost a lot of weight, she’s brighter, healthier, more charismatic.  How Jennifer performs.

This water has the ability to hydrate your brain in 30-60 seconds, penetrate you at a cellular level, detox you better than most of the product out there.  Why? because It’s water.

The water is micro-cluster, meaning it’s small water.  It’s the highest water in anti-oxidant and to Alkaline your body.  It will help with acid reflex, arthritis, diabetes, joint pains, your sleep, back pains.

If you have a skin condition like eczema it will help it.  if you got inflammation it will help that’s why it helps with gout and It’s anti-inflammatory.  Watch what the water will do to oil.

The company does it’s own financing, zero credit turndown.  They just moved to North America, monthly revenue is about 30 million.  It’s the only ionizer in the market that is licensed as a medial device by the Japanese association of preventative medicine for disease.  It’s the Mercedes Benz in the industry.

Change your water, change your health.  People will pay more for health than for anything else.  What the machine will do for you will cost you less that what you will pay for hospital bills, medication, healthy, aging.  It will change your finances.

Talk soon,