How To Cure Diabetes

Diabetes is usually a condition of high sugar in the blood.  There is insufficient production of insulin and it causes diabetes.

How To Cure Diabetes

Here is 3 things that I want to talk to you about:

1. Anti-Oxidant                                                                                                                                            2. Micro-Clustering                                                                                                                                     3. Alkaline

We’re taught that our body is 70-75% water.  Let e tell you what we weren’t taught, how to flush this machine will determine how it ages, what it gets and how it performs.  Acid in your body equals sickness and aging.

Dr. Otto Warburg received a nobel prize for advancing the human kind in medicine, because he found the root of cancer.  And what say in his report how to handle it “alkaline”.  Acid in your body always equals sickness, that’s where they thrive and grow,a cid causes all the problems.  Human disease cannot survive in an alkaline state.  It’s like trying to plant an orchid in the North Pole, it ain’t gone happen.


When a baby is born they’re alkaline, because the moms ambianic fluid is alkaline and the baby is in there for 9 months.  When a human dies its acidic.  The older you get the more acidic you get it’s called oxidation.

Take an avocado, cut it in half, put it on the kitchen table, to to the store shopping and come back and you’ll know what oxidation is, the banana will tell you the same thing.  The worst thing that a human body can ingest is soda it is (+400) In Oxidation Reduction Potential, if you want to get old fast drink a lot of soda.  Sports drinks some of the tap water we led to believe it was supposed to be good for us, tap water is about (+200) neutral.

Now we have Vitamin C it goes to (-50) in Oxidation Reduction Potential, approximately in anti-oxidants.  Green tea is about (-80), and the highest that was found is cod liver oil.  You know if you drink a pitcher of cod liver oil every day, it’s very good for you,  you’ll slip and slide everywhere, but it’s very good for you.

Now take a Look At Kangen water it goes from  (-300) in Oxidation Reduction Potential, to (-400), as high as (-700), and (-800) in Oxidation Reduction Potential, that’s the highest that is is found on the planet.  There is nothing higher than that.

Were taught that our body has a temperature of 98.6 and if it goes higher we have to do something about it.  We never knew that we also had a normal PH Balance of 7.365 and it keeps moving up a you get older, but it doesn’t warn you like a temperature.

The water has a very hight Oxidation Reduction Potential.  It will help you with acid reflex, arthritis,, joints, diabetes, sleep better, pack pain.  It’s also anti-inflammatory.

The machine is not a water filter, it’s a medical device.  If you press a button on the machine it will produce water that will kill 99.9% of bacteria in 30 t0 60 seconds.  if you have a skin condition it  will help it.

Enagic LevelLuke

LevelLuk is the only one endorsed by the Japanese association.  if you go to Enagic it has all the seals of preventative medicine for disease.  This is the largest and most prestigious group of doctors in Asia 6,500.  That’s the first ionizer they’d ever endorsed.  It has all the credentials and it’s the only one that is licensed as a medial equipment.

Other units compare to this one, we’re half off, we’re $1,000 cheaper, they’re cheaper cause they’er cheaper.  This is the top of the line.  The unit will makes water when your kitchen top becomes greasy, it will out clean the oil better faster than anything that you have in the kitchen.


So oxidation and living tissue equal sickness and aging.  Actually you want to slow the aging process down, and slowing down oxidation will slow down sickness and aging faster than anything you can do.

The unit when the water goes through it, it filters it, charges it, and splits it, you can read about it, it makes the highest anti-oxidant liquid that is found.  It has anti-aging properties.  It actually has  the ability to slow down aging.


When you drink the water within 30to 60 second it will hydrate your brain, some people might think they have a head ache, it’s not a head ache its a head rush.  Second it has the ability to touch every  part of your skin in approximately 10 minutes.  you should see what it will do to your skin or your children’s who have bad acne in 30-60 days.  The water has the ability.

World renowned Dr. Shinya invented a procedure called colonoscopy where they don’t cut you, they cut into you and cut the palet and take it out.  It’s called the Shinya method.  He’s written several book that sold half a million copies, this one sold 2 million The Enzyme Factor, he doesn’t work for the company and he says it on back of the book that he prescribes Kangen water.  As a part of his treatment he prescribes Kangen water to all of his patients in his facility and you should see the results.

The company makes about $30 million in sales a month.  People like Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Jennifer Lopez, many other athletes and celebrities, and people use this machine.  It doesn’t won’t cost you $10,000 or $20,000, it can sell for that much if it was store marketed.

Join the community and get healthy and wealthy.

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