How To Cure Cancer With Water

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How To Cure Cancer

What is the worst thing that happened in the United States that is causing problems, because several decades ago it used to be called heart disease.  Today it’s something called cancer.  Number 1 problem in North America.

Now here is the thing .  Whenever they check cancer patients not 80%, not 90%, not 99%, 100% of all cancer patients are over loaded with acid.  Here is some back up.  Dr.  Otto Warburg received a Nobel Prize for advancing human kind in medicine, because he found the root of all cancer.  Guess what his report says, how to help handle it “alkaline”.

Acid in your body always equals sickness, because that’s where it thrives and grows, acid causes all the problems.  Here is another thing: Human disease cannot survive in an alkaline state.  It’s like trying to plant an orchid in the North Pole it ain’t gone happen.

Here is another thing: When a child is first born, it’s alkaline.  Reason: Moms ambianic fluid is alkaline, pure alkaline and the child is in there for 9 months.  When a child comes out it’s alkaline, when a human dies it’s acid.  This is called a clue.

The water that I will be talking about has a very high oxidation reduction potential.  Here is something that was check out:  The worst thing that a human ingests is soda, it is (+400) in oxidation reduction potential, it’s one of the fastest things to oxidize, if you want to get old fast drink a lot of soda.  Sport drinks some of the tap water we led to believe it was supposed to be good for us.  Here is the meter:  Tap water and bottled water is about (+200), vitamin c goes to (-50) approximately in antioxidants.

Green tea is right there (-80).  The highest was cod liver oil, you know if you drink a pitcher a day, it’s very good for you.  You’ll probably slip and slide everywhere but it’s good for you.  Now if you take a look at Kangen water it goes from (-300), (-400), seen it as high as (-700), and (-800) in antioxidants.  That’s the highest that was found, there is nothing higher than that, this is the water of youth and health.  Go to this link, this is where you will get your machine.  you can go straight to the purchase, the company also does financing, contact me if you any questions.

Alkaline in your body always equals health.  By the way this is the highest antioxidant liquid that we’ve been able to find on the planet.  If you don’t know what antioxidants are the induce DNA damage.

Take a look at an avocado, cut it in half, put it on the kitchen table, go to to store  and come back and you’ll know what oxidation is, go get a banana it it will tell you the same thing.

The machine is not a water filter, if you go to Enagic you’ll see all kind of medical awards.  This is a medical device.  If you press a button the machine will produce water that will kill 99.9% of all bacteria in about 30-60 seconds.  If you have a skin condition it will help it.  LevelLuk is the only one that is endorsed by the Japanese medical association.  If you go to Enagic it has all the seals of preventative medicine for disease.

This is the largest and most prestige group of Doctors in Asia 6,500.  That is the first ionizer they ever endorsed, it has all the credentials, and it’s the only one that is licensed as medical equipment.  Every unit compares, they’re the same but half off, we’re the same but $1,000 cheaper, they’re cheaper because they’re cheaper.  This is the Mercedes Bens in the industry.

The unit is designed to last 20-25 years, and how do they know.  Because of all the units  that are out in the market place.  This is not a 1 year company that tells you it will last 10 years.

It has anti aging properties.  oxidation and living tissue equal sickness and aging.  You actually want to slow the aging process down, slowing down oxidation will slow sickness and aging.  Faster than anything that you can do.

The unit, when water goes through it, it has the technology that filters it, charges it, splits it.  It makes it the highest anti oxidant liquid.  You probably know Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez, Ron Perlman, and many more all use this machine.  It doesn’t cost $10,000 or $20,000 which it could if was marketed in the stores maybe even more.

Here is the 3 things it has.

  1. Anti Oxidant
  2. Micro Clustering
  3. Alkaline

Highest anti oxidant that has been found on the planet.  If you drink the water 30-60 seconds hydrates your brain.  In approximately 10 minutes it has the ability to touch every part of your skin, it has the ability go get to your cells and clean them, and healthy cells produce healthy cells.  We talked about alkaline.

They teach you that your body is 70-75% water, but they don’t teach you how you flush it it will determine how it ages, what it gets and how it performs.   We’re told that our body temperature is 98.6, if it goes higher you have to do something about it.   What we didn’t know is that our body also has a normal PH balance of 7.365 and it keeps moving as you get older, but it doesn’t warn you like a temperature.

Here:  World renowned Dr. Shinya  is known for his invention colonoscopy, it’s a procedure, where they don’t cut you, they go inside of you, cut the palet and take it out.  He wrote several books that sold a half of million copies.  This one sold 2 million The Enzyme Factor.  He doesn’t work for the company, he prescribes Kangen water to all his patients as part of their treatment regimen in his part of the facility, and he says it on back of his book.   He prescribes Kangen water and you should see what happens to his people.

All the books say it, all disease comes from the root of too much acid.

The water is unbelievable.  Go to this link, and get the machine.   The company does financing as low as $100 with no credit check.  There is other credit options.  If you have any question how to get no credit check financing, contact me or leave a comment with your email.

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