Online Business – What Is It?

You probably see all the the things marketers are doing.  Recruiting, emailing, blogging, buying traffic, solo ads.  And you probably think it’s overwhelming to learn everything what they’re try to teach you in the business.  All the business opportunities are good to make money and advance.  They all make money.

I’m sure you get a lot of emails daily about making $3-$5K a month starting.  You open them up, take a look, and read it.  Then either your not convinced, or skeptical about joining.  The people who join can see what the message from the writer is, more money, freedom, cars, brand new house.  In order to see the message you really have to be down in your life, want more or tired of the situation you’re in.

What is a online business

Online marketing is a way to promote a product or a service with out paying other companies to do it, or advertise.  Because the best marketing is the word of mouth.  Gives people a chance to earn some money.  Take Herbalife for instance: Mark Hughes started Herbalife because his mother died of an overdose, so Mark studied herbs and healing in other countries.  And he would sell the products out of the trunk of his car.  Then he started recruiting people to sell the products and pay them a good percentage.  And in 2007 his company made 3.5 billion.  As you can see it works.

People are creating physical products and software, and the thing about online business is you don’t need a college education, be 6″0′, smart, all you have to do is be willing to be coachable, take action and execute.   The product goes out there and they start finding people who either will use the product or see what they see and promote it in exchange for a commission.

The idea is brilliant.  You probably hear about a lot of people who said it’s a SCAM, it doesn’t work, nobody makes money.  The proof is on stage, the checks. 10K-20K monthly.  It’s not like you take a magic diet pill, not go to the gym and not eat healthy and loose weight and put on muscle.  The key is watch successful people and model what they do.

How do you start getting results

The key in this business is to watch what the successful people are doing and execute by modeling them.  You really have to start taking action.  The biggest key is to get started.  The only way to get results is to take action.  If you have to start talking to people-start.  If you have to learn-learn.  If you have to make speeches, broadcast, video presentations-do them.  Life is a bunch of If’s, and do them.

The only way not to get results is not to take action.  Do the opposite.  You learn by doing and learn as you go.  How would your life look in the next 3-5 years if you got started and stuck with the business.  People get results faster than that.  You don’t have to be the smartest guy in the world to get rich.  Bill Gates started his software company buying a resell license for 16 bit operating system DOS (AKA QDOS) and resold it to IBM.  If you have good enough of a reason you will succeed.

There is more than enough resources in the world to go over and execute.  There is a need, people want their problem solved .  Why can’t it be you?  If you become of someone with knowledge that can solve a problem for a wide variety of people, you will be paid handsomely.

Working online is something that you might consider doing, there is a lot of benefit, and the pay off is really good.  Take a look at this webinar, if you’re looking to start an online business, the key is get started, execute and don’t give up.

Talk soon,




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