Here Is Some Simple Tools That Can Potentially Earn Your First $10,000 Online.

You might not be “Tech Savvy” and here is a simple breakdown of how to create a website step-by-step.  I will give you some resources that a entrepreneur used a blog and sold  millions dolors of business.

This will definitely save you a ton of time down the road.  Here is a couple of things that I would like for you to keep in mind.

  1. Always use the right service to grow your business.
  2. If you get a cheaper provider when you’ll actually need a good one after it crashes when you’re getting tons and tons of traffic to your website.  So your saving of a cheaper provider $10- $15 might cost you a lot of money.  So Reliability is priceless.

Here Is How You’re Going To Create Your Website In 4 Easy Step

1. Pick Your Domain

Make sure you pick a domain that is really simple.  Don’t make it sound scammy.

2.Web Hosting: WP Engine

Next you’ll have to set up a web hosting for your website.  You can use HostGator.  You can use Wp Engine for building their site through Word Press.

Keep in mind when you’re starting out you can go with low cost, as soon as you start getting traffic to your website and your business grows, then upgrade to a higher level.

Soon as you have the domain and the host connect the two so your domain points to your site.

3. Building Your Website

Now that you placed your site online it’s time to build it.  If you’re blogging regularly you can use Word Press.

4. Web Design

You really don’t need to spend $3,000 plus on a website you can get something clean, professionally looking templet for much cheaper, recommended is

The free themes on WordPress don’t really look great.

Down the road you’re going to need more tools to scale your business to more money or if you’re going to be creating products.

Here is a Technology Tool Box for your products. It’s going to be your payment system. For creating your audio/video products. Power Point slides for your video products. Storing video audio content Membership site

You can save days and hours for browsing the internet for best tools.

Here are Top Website Builders for sites on a budget

WordPress is recommended for a lot of people but if you’re selling physical products try Shopify.

1. WordPress worlds most popular site builder.

It is the most popular website builder on this planet.  From New Your times, to tiny personal blogs.  From millions of visitors a month from a single website.

There is and which are not the same. is a blogging platform that needs or requires no software installation and downloads. is a blogging  platform however must be installed on a web server, and allows full customization.  Here is more information and differences guide.

2. Square Spaces breath taking imagery

It is perfect for any online business.  You can build crisp modern designs into your website which hosts elegant themes.

3. Shopify the ultimate online store builder.

Hundred of thousands of merchants use this software in a way to grow their business and customer base.  It’s an awesome e commerce platform for online business store front.

4. Wix simple and easy to use.

63 million register users.  It is one of the largest website builders in the world.  This is really good for anyone fumbling with codes and finding plugins.

5. Weebly affordable and easy to set up.

Over 30 million users world wide they focus on providing intuitive site building software with variety of free services.

For beginners who want to create a website fast and easy as possible without spending a lot of money.

Which one is right for you?

WordPress This is excellent for bloggers and people that are looking to build their business because of the features and flexibility on the platform.

Squarespace This is really perfect for people who rely on imagery , graphics artists, photographers, culinary experts.

Shopify This is a top solution for online stores, it is a robust platform and handles every facet of e commerce.

Wix  This is a great choice for beginners who want to quickly create a website and not to worry about future modifications.

Weebly This is a great option who wants to create a website quickly as possible and customize it in the future without spending a lot of money.

This is a lot of  stuff.  This is something that can help you go to your first $1,000, $10,000, $100,000 or even past $1 million and beyond.

Enter your name and email below and Ill send you a profitable business idea to get you started.

This Is Going To Be Your Online Business Tool Box
























































































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