Do Yo Have Time To Build An Online Business

It’s nice to have money.

Here is the thing you can start up super small.


Reframe your thinking that there are no limitations.  When you’re starting an online business have a clear vision of what is possible.  That it will be within  your reach to grow it, there is no elite education that you must do for you to do it.

If you don’t believe this, study other online business owners, and when you see these are ordinary people – like you- that are successful, you’ll realize you can do it.

There is a lot of business models and success stories about people building their business while working full time.  And they also have kids.

No Question: You DO have time to build an online business

You will need time to develop an idea.  You might be busy on your work days and your days off, you will need to strategically create time to work on your business.  Make some change in your week so you can have time to work on your business.

Prioritize your time

Decide to turn down anything that is unnecessary to your job and family.  Not going out with friends, meet ups.  There is getting ready to go out, planning, changing plans.  You can pour all that time into your business.  Might be tough to do, but it’ll give you extra hours into your business.  Plus once your business life is more established you can put the fun back.

Take advantage of free time

With an online business you can grow it from anywhere.  You can use 30 minutes in the morning, at night, 3-4 hours and noon or night.  Unlike a traditional business where you have to be there.  Work on your idea, on the plain, train.  Work toward your dream and you’ll get excited about there breaks.

Weekends and vacations

Instead or going out on the weekend or a vacation rethink your idea and  that is highly valuable because you can develop your idea without interruptions.

Be more productive

What are your most productive hours and work during those times.  Shit your sleeping patterns, go to sleep early, and wake up earlier.  You will adjust to that and that will be you norm.  Take 10-15 minutes to look at your week and free up some time during the week.

Knock out one goal at a time

Instead of concentrating on your end goal, set small, clear goals, combined that will help you reach your big goal.  It may take you months to complete but stay focused and with each receipt completed feel the momentum of completing something bigger.

Have fun building your online business with friends, family, affiliates.  Commit growing your online business. If you start your online business part time, as it grows you can, you’ll think where do I want to take rest of my life? doing it as a side gig, or pursue it full time.

You can create a successful online business working full time, raising a family.  Work on specific goals for an hour or two here and there and it adds up.  Soon enough you’ll be able to go and take your family to the Caribbean, having more opportunities, working a flexible schedule.

I want to help you start an online business too.

Tell me about it in the comments below.

Talk soon,

Henryk Molek














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